Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Maxman IV Capsule
Penis Enlargement Naturally
10 Minutes In Operation   Persist 168 Hours
Increased 7cm   Thickening 40%   Delay 1 hour
No Counterfeit, Double Anti-Counterfeit Assurance
For Harder Erection & Stronger Sex Desire!
100% Natural & Safe, No Side Effect
1 Pack x 12 Grains, 3800mg

This product is jointly developed by America Sex Association and Taiwan pharmaceutical LLC, a large supplier of male sexual health product. It is by far the most potent male sexual health product in the world. After taking it, a male can quickly feel it’s magical effect. He can largely improve his sexual prowess; his penis lengthens and enlarges; and sexual disorders such as impotence and prospermia can be effectively cured. Since the sex life quality can thus be improved, a male is able to get himself out of the dilemma in sex. This erectile dysfunction product has already become the best-selling one among all the male sex health products, with a effectiveness ratio of more than 99.98%. For a male, he is endowed by god to be able to enjoy satisfying sexual life while on the other hand it is his duty to satisfy the sexual desire of his female sex partner. However most males can neither fully draw upon their rights nor fulfill their responsibilities in sex.

Do you want your penis to erect rapidly and to be tumid and as strong as steel stick
Do you want your penis to be large and long
Do you want rapid erection with your penis bending at a angle of 120 to your body
Do you want your penis to erect as long as you wish so as to relish greatest sexual pleasure
Do you want to derive the maximum sexual excitement
Do you want to have  as many as five sex.
If so, this product is the very one you are looking for.

1. You shall not desire to succeed forwardly or take this medicine out of range.
2. After taking this medicine, if penis erected for many times or it doesn’t discharge after longtime of erection, you shall drink some cold boiled water.
3. You shall not use it repeatedly within 24 hours.

One-two capsule every time, take it 10 to 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.
PACKING: 1 Pack x 12 Grains, 3800mg  

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